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Mission Statement:

To promote Shidler’s image of “International Excellence” by bringing cultural awareness and international appreciation within a professional setting.

International Business Organization:

The International Business Organization (IBO) is a Registered Independent Organization (RIO) at the University of Hawaii’s Shidler College of Business. Our organization is collection of individuals who share a common interest in the opportunities available world wide, as well as an interest in various cultures around the world.

We are open to all undergraduates and graduate students in the University of Hawaii, regardless of major or GPA, and we accept applications at the start of every semester until the end of the second month of school. We also welcome all foreign exchange and study abroad students to join IBO and become a life long member in our growing international family.

IBO hosts a wide range of activities including but not limited to:

  • Professional Development and Interaction Events
  • Professional, Alumni and Student Mixers
  • IBO Member Socials
  • Global Analysis Workshops
  • Community Services Events

Meet your Spring 2017 Executive Board!


Annie FINAL 1

My name is Annie Lin and I'm the current President. I am a Sophomore majoring in International Business and Management Information Systems. Reading and bubble tea are my two most favorite things (did I mention bubble tea?), and traveling is a part of my life! I travel every summer and winter to different places; I've also lived in Taiwan, Alaska, Seattle, New Zealand, and now Hawaii. Life itself is an adventure for me and I'm always looking forward to see what's next in store for me (as well as the next bubble tea store I'll visit).


Jared FINAL 1

Hi everyone! My name is Jared Araki and I will be serving as your Vice President for the Spring 2017 semester. I am a senior majoring in International Business and Management. I just returned from my year abroad at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan and now, completing my final stretch to graduation. My hobbies include shopping, spinning, and of course, traveling. Studying abroad has truly inspired me to look past the rock that we live on, and set out for new horizons and opportunities. I hope I am able to inspire you to do the same. I look forward to serving you all this Spring semester!


Kathlene FINAL 1

My name is Kathlene and I'm honored to serve you as this semester's Secretary + IBC Senator. This is my fourth semester in IBO, previously I also served as the Director of Professional Development. A little background info about me is that I was born in the Philippines. I've also been to China and Qatar, and I love watching foreign movies (especially Taiwanese and Thai).

Please don't ever hesitate to talk to me!

I want you to get the most out of this club on a professional and personal level.


Tasha FINAL 1

My name is Tasha Hayashi and I'm the Director of International Affairs. I'm a senior majoring in Japanese, Management, and International Business, and my hobbies are eating and karate. I also love traveling and I just came back from a one-year study abroad program in Tokyo, Japan! While living abroad and traveling around Asia, I learned a lot about multiculturalism and the importance of understanding different cultures, which is why I always try to have an open mindset. I look forward to serving you all in Spring 2017!


Michael FINAL 1

My name is Michael Yu, and I'm the Spring 2017 Treasurer. I am a sophomore, currently studying business. In my spare time, I watch movies, tv shows, more movies, more tv shows, and play cards. I've traveled to many states which include California, Nevada, Louisiana, Florida, and Washington D.C. I also have traveled to many places outside the U.S., such as London, Paris, China, Hong Kong, and Japan. If you're reading this, then hello!


Koan FINAL 1

My name is Koan and I am honored to serve as your Spring 2017 Director of Fundraising. I have been a member of IBO for three semesters and have previously served as the clubs Treasurer in the Fall 2016. A few things I like to do in my free time are listening and playing music, binge watching YouTube and Facebook videos and singing Karaoke. I look forward to meeting and serving you all this semester!


Eric FINAL 1

 My name is Eric Hernandez and I am currently the Director of Professional Development. I am a Senior majoring in International Business and Management. I love to travel and learn about the different cultures of the world. I also enjoy doing anything outdoors. In 2016, I studied abroad in Thailand and was able to travel to many countries in South East Asia. I grew up in Gresham, Oregon and this is my third year living in Hawai'i.


Jasmine FINAL 1

My name is Jasmine Curl and I'm the Director of Professional Communications. I am a freshman who is majoring in International Business and Marketing. I grew up in Newcastle Washington just 20 minutes outside Seattle. I am a big fan of the Seattle Sounders, the Seattle Seahawks, the Seattle Mariners and Starbucks. In addition, I love watching musicals, writing, drawing, playing soccer, traveling and doing anything that is related to Disney. A quote that I love to live by is "Adventure is out there!" (Disney Pixar's Up).


Ivan FINAL 1

Aloha! My name is Ivan and I am the Director of Student Relations for the International Business Organization of Shidler College of Business at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. I am currently a senior majoring in Marketing and International Business, outside of academics I love to workout and engage in social media photography. I travel constantly and would always look forward to my next destination as well as meeting new friends while abroad. If meeting and working with people around the world is also your interest, then IBO would be your ideal club to join! See you at our meetings!


Michelle FINAL 1

My name is Michelle Kanemitsu and I am proud to be your current Director of Marketing! I'm a senior majoring and Marketing and minoring in Japanese. A goal of mine is to become fluent in Japanese and live and work in Japan someday. I'm work at the East-West Center, and I'm also an intern for Yelp! Some of my favorite things to do are hiking, going to the beach, taking photos, and watching YouTube videos. I hope to travel more in the future and see all the amazing things the world has to offer. I am excited to serve you this semester and hope to see you join our IBOhana!    



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